Upcoming floatilla party prompts questions about cleanup, safety

It was a sight that angered many people.

Hundreds of floaties, trash and beer cans littered a beach after a huge party off Waikiki last month.

With word of another party happening on the Fourth of July, KHON2 wanted to know what’s being done to keep the beach clean.

The aftermath of Memorial Day’s floatillia is still fresh in people’s minds, especially for people like Aaron Rutledge who works at Star Beachboys in Waikiki.

“It’s kind of crazy hectic towards the end of the day, closing time it’s really out of control. It’s not just the last time it’s every time. Every time it happens if they’re having fun but it’s a little bit out-of-control,” said Rutledge.

For people like Taylor Moore that didn’t attend the impromptu event on Memorial Day, word still got out of the mess the party left behind.

“It was a lot dirtier and a lot more people, and a lot of trash and disrespect was had on the island. So now I definitely would never go to one,” Moore said.

The group Flotilla Hawaii has organized this year’s event online set for the Fourth of July in Waikiki.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources says it’s working with police to make sure there are rescue water crafts and a boat in the water to keep an eye on the party. Something Aaron Rutledge says could make all the difference. “But they have to stay there they can’t just check on it every three hours and leave and come back they have to anchor it and then just completely monitor it.”

Taylor Moore says she hopes people have learned from past mistakes. “It’s common sense just to keep the beach clean. You should respect the place where you live or that you’re visiting regardless of what day of the month it is.”


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