Kings Dental: Changing your life with Dental Implants

Kings Dental is your one-stop shop for tooth and gum health care. Dental implants correct the problem of a missing tooth without needing to involve other teeth and restores the area as close as possible to having the natural tooth back again. The patient can easily clean the area just like when the original tooth was there.

The biggest problem with dentures is that they can always be loose for a lot of patients. It’s like having size 9 feet and having to walk around is size 12 shoes. Natural teeth give you approximately 500 lbs of chewing force. Dentures at best give you 50lbs of chewing force. So it comes down to what do you like to eat? Dental Implants have the ability to stabilize a patients dentures and more along the lines of 150-300 lbs of chewing force. Implants give a patient more confidence in social settings by not having loose dentures flopping around in their mouth and the freedom to eat a variety of foods.

Phone number:            847-772-3927



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