Preventing fall-related injuries and fatalities among Hawaii seniors

Fall-related injuries and fatalities among Hawaii seniors are reaching troubling numbers. Every year, an average of 86 seniors die and more than 8000 are treated at emergency rooms. Most of these falls are preventable. Stanley Michael, fall prevention specialist with the State Department of Health joined us with fall prevention tips.

The state has launched a summer campaign to educate hawaii’s seniors and their families about fall prevention and this year city mill has joined us as hawaii’s senior home safety headquarters.

They have an event coming up this Saturday- “Fall-Proof” Senior Assistive Safety Devices at Home.

They will have three individuals with three different types of expertise manning an information table at the Nimitz location.  (1) Mr. Dowell is an expert in home safety modifications and holds an advanced degree in Aging in Place from USC.  He has been in literally hundreds of senior residences and can answer questions about a host of home safety concerns.  (2) Ms. Sialana is an Occupational Therapist currently working with our veterans at the VA. She can outline techniques and guidelines that will help seniors undertake the everyday tasks of living safely within their home.  (3) Mr. Michaels is a veteran public health educator and a senior that has faced and succeeded in dealing with a severe fall injury.  He and Mr. Dowell were invitees to the recent National Fall Prevention Resources Conference in Washington DC., where Hawaii was honored with having “the finest public awareness campaign in the nation” 

Where: CITY MILL store on Nimitz Highway

When: Saturday, July 9

Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

For more information, contact the DOH’s EMS & Injury Prevention System Branch at (808) 733-9202


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