Hawaii’s Kitchen: Uala Leaf Café’s 100 calorie bread pudding

In today’s Hawaii’s Kitchen, we’re featuring Uala Leaf Café.  The Blue Zones recognized restaurant opened earlier this year at Windward Community College.  The restaurant implemented changes to its menu to make healthy choices easier for their customers.    Charlene Akina tells us more about that and shows us how to make their 100-calorie bread pudding.

Uala Leaf Bread Pudding with Date Sauce

1# cubed bread


1 qt soy milk

2 eggs

6 oz Truvia

2 tsp Vanilla extract


sweet potato leaves finely chopped

8” x 8” baking pan


Soak the bread 20 minutes and cover with foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or

til done, Remove foil halfway in the process.


Medjool date sauce:

6 Medjool dates

1C water

Boil dates in water till soft. Blend mixture in food processor till smooth and creamy.

Pour over bread pudding. Cut & serve. Yield: 12 3”

x3” pieces

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