Blas weakens to tropical storm as Celia continues to strengthen right behind

Blas has weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm and could fizzle by Sunday, but another storm is building strength right behind it.

Any impact to Hawaii could materialize in the form of large east-shore swells by Sunday, with some added rain next week as the remnants move through.

However, the storm behind it is getting stronger. Tropical Storm Celia could strengthen into a hurricane by Sunday and is the one to watch for the next seven days. Long-range models show Celia in the vicinity of the Hawaiian islands by next weekend.

It’s still very far out and we can’t put too much weight on the long-term forecast models while a system is over 2,000 miles away and a week out, but it warrants us to be prepared and stay informed.

Celia will move into Central Pacific waters next week.

blas track

celia track

Blas and Celia track


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