Tech, science enthusiasts spend some time in the sun at annual Geek Meet

Geeks of all types and ages united in Kapiolani Park on Sunday to get some sun and share their passions whatever those may be.

Hawaii geek meet brought participants, their kids, and their “geek-curious” friends and family members.

Organizers wanted to make it different from other tech conferences, so they held it outdoors.

Nearly a dozen groups were represented, including the Hawaii Nerf League and the Pacific 501st, who are Star Wars costume fans.

“What’s been great is that everyone is a geek about something and now, geek is a badge of pride,” said Geek Meet organizer Ryan Ozawa. “If you’re into astronomy or drones or technology or creativity.”

“Whether it’s apps or it’s technology, internet of things, drones, people who play with lego today are tomorrow’s engineers you know and that’s what I think we really need to move culture forward, communities forward,” he added.

This is the 9th year for the Geek Meet.

Geek Meet 2

Geek Meet 3

Geek Meet 4

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