Honolulu police issue 500+ pedestrian-related citations in nine days

Honolulu police promised to increase pedestrian safety enforcement, and new numbers show they’ve done just that.

The Honolulu Police Department says officers issued 537 pedestrian-related citations from July 1-9.

The department typically issues about 400 to 700 citations in a month.

A department spokeswoman says citations were issued to 485 pedestrians and 52 drivers.

The most common pedestrian violations were jaywalking and failing to obey traffic signals, while most drivers failed to yield to pedestrians, officials said.

“It shows that with our efforts, problems still exist. We’d just like to make it known that with motorists and pedestrians, we want them to kind of change their behavior,” said Maj. Darren Izumo of HPD’s traffic division. “As these people get educated, whether it’s through getting the word out or through citations, hopefully we’re making the world safer.”

So far this year, Oahu has seen 29 fatalities, 14 of which involved pedestrians.

There were also 21 accidents that resulted in critical injuries, four of which involved pedestrians.

While enforcement is ongoing, the department plans to continue its heightened pedestrian safety awareness campaign through August.

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