Boat runs aground in Kailua Bay, Kona

Spirit of Kona (Photo: Terry Cisco)

The U.S. Coast Guard is responding after a boat ran aground and sank in Kailua-Kona Sunday.

Terry Cisco sent in a photo of the Spirit of Kona, operated by Blue Sea Cruises, on the rocks in Kailua Bay, taken at around 6 a.m.

The 65-foot commercial passenger vessel ran aground on the rocks near the Kailua-Kona Lighthouse. It reportedly broke free of its mooring in Kailua Bay as Tropical Storm Darby passed over early Sunday. No one was on board at the time.

Debris field in Kailua Bay (Photo: Cates International)

Crews reported a 120-by-53-yard non-recoverable rainbow sheen in the vicinity.

The vessel reportedly has a maximum pollution potential of 600 gallons of diesel fuel aboard, commercial batteries and 19.5 gallons of hydraulic and lube oils. No wildlife was seen in the area or reportedly affected.

Representatives from Coast Guard Sector Honolulu, Department of Natural Resources, Hawaii Division of Boating and Recreation, commercial salvors and the owner of the vessel are working to develop a salvage plan.

Sector Honolulu watchstanders have issued a broadcast notice to mariners reporting the vessel as a possible hazard to navigation.

The public is advised to stay off the public shoreline access trails fronting Kona Bay Estates subdivision.

Debris field in Kailua Bay (Photo: Cates International)

The Coast Guard will investigate the cause the of the grounding. A notice of federal interest has been issued.

spirit of kona coast guard 2
Courtesy U.S. Coast Guard
spirit of kona coast guard
Courtesy DLNR

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