Municipal building resumes normal operations after air conditioning repairs

There’s relief in sight for some city employees who had to endure the heat last week.

Many city employees who worked in the Fasi Municipal Building were sent home early on July 25 and 26 due to a broken air conditioning system. Only the basement and first floor of the 15-story building still had air conditioning.

But because the city wanted to keep services available to the public, employees had to work their whole shift starting Wednesday, July 27.

The city looked at alternative solutions, including moving employees to different locations, and renting out portable AC units while repairs were made. Workers were also told to dress for the heat.

Crews worked over the weekend to repair the system, and finished by 1:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 1.

The entire building is expected to be fully operational on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

The city’s director of facility maintenance said moisture from Sunday’s storm was likely to blame.

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