Which age group is more likely to get scammed? The answer may surprise you

Which age group gets scammed the most?

The answer may surprise you.

For years, consumer watchdog groups have been warning about scams specifically targeting senior citizens.

But a recent nationwide survey made an alarming discovery.

“The survey found that 69 percent of those people polled in the survey under the age of 45 had been taken advantage of by a scam,” said Hawaii Better Business Bureau CEO Greg Dunn.

That’s fewer than those over the age of 45 who reported being scammed.

Dunn says the results are just another step in dispelling the notion that senior citizens are the most vulnerable.

“Younger people tend to be more trusting. They tend to be very plugged in to the Internet in particular,” Dunn explained. “They’re used to providing money back and forth. You have Go Fund Me accounts, you have your iPhone apps, you have your Android apps. We buy and transact online all the time.”

The survey, which was conducted by the Better Business Bureau Institute for Marketplace Trust, also revealed that 80 percent of those who didn’t fall victim said knowing about the scam helped them to make the right decision.

Dunn says the data highlights the importance of outreach through social media as a means of getting the word out, especially to the younger generation.

“We’re getting the word out via those channels, so we’re well-positioned to share this information with the younger members of our community to really make them aware that they need to protect themselves even more so than a lot of the senior citizens.”

If you have a consumer concern or are interested in becoming an Action Line volunteer, give us a call at 591-0222 weekdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. or send an email to actionline@khon2.com.

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