Make-A-Wish makes teenager’s dreams come true at UH med school and Stan Sheriff Center


It was a Texas teenager’s dream to attend medical school at UH Manoa.

Her wish came true on Friday.

The UH Pep Band and Rainbow Dancers surprised 15-year-old Alyssa this with a rally at the Sheriff Center.

The Make-A-Wish program granted Alyssa’s wish to attend the John A. Burns School of Medicine, so she could one day become a doctor and help people like her who are battling bone cancer.

“It was amazing. I was super surprised and it was awesome,” said Make-A-Wish recipient Alyssa.

“Don’t take any day for granted. As an athlete we just go day in day out working out, but to always stay humble day by day and make sure you make the best of it,” said UH Wahine Basketball player Sarah Toeaina.

Alyssa was also given a doctor’s white lab coat, and an honorary membership to the class of 2020.



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