Friends of Falls of Clyde submits plan for future of historic ship

Falls of Clyde

A historic ship may be able to stay docked at Honolulu Harbor for a little longer.

The group Friends of Falls of Clyde (FFOC) submitted a plan to the state Department of Transportation Harbors Division that outlines what could be done with the ship.

In June, we told you that the state revoked the permit that allowed the Falls of Clyde to moor at Pier 7, citing safety and security risks. It gave the 140-year-old ship four weeks to leave.

The group’s plan includes raising money to get the ship into drydock next year. It also offered an alternate plan to find a new owner outside of Hawaii.

FFOC says it is committed to having the ship removed from Honolulu Harbor next year and insists the ship does not pose a safety hazard to the harbor.

In response, Darrell Young, deputy director, DOT Harbors Division, said in a statement, “HDOT has received a plan from the Friends of Falls of Clyde. There are portions of the plan that require clarification. We are working with the organization to clarify those elements.”

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