Publisher of Honolulu Star-Advertiser, MidWeek announces layoffs

The publisher of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and MidWeek is trimming its staff.

Oahu Publications president Dennis Francis says the company eliminated eight positions, but did not say what those positions were in the company.

Employees were also offered buyouts if they chose to leave the newsroom.

The Pacific Media Workers Guild represents about 100 newspaper employees. Union spokesman Brad Sherman says it’s not clear how many jobs are at risk.

“It’s still pretty new information and I think a lot of people are still digesting it,” he said. “Because there’s some elements of what we’re required to do if we accept the buyout that are not made clear, I think it’s going to make it hard for people to say ‘Yes, I’m interested’ or ‘No, I’m not.'”

Sherman says the contract for union members at the Star-Advertiser is set to expire in a matter of weeks.

Oahu Publications has more than 550 employees.

The company also owns the Hawaii Tribune Herald, West Hawaii Today and several magazines.

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