Energy Innovation: The Grid Supply vs Self Supply Program

Right now, there are two programs available if you’re interested in purchasing a PV system for your home or business: Grid Supply and Self Supply. Grid Supply provides a PV customer with credit on their electric bill for the excess electricity their system sends to the grid. Self Supply is a program for customers with energy storage such as batteries. David Gorman with RevoluSun has more in today’s Energy Innovation segment.


Anyone interested in getting a PV system should go down to RevoluSun’s booth at the BIA Remodel It Right Expo at the Blaisdell this weekend. Or, go by the RevoluSun Smart Home Innovation Center where they can help you fill out an application for Grid Supply. Make sure to bring your latest HECO bill. Their staff is up-to-date on regulations, policy and financing programs to help you harness all this free energy from the sun.  They can also help you fill out the application at their next Smart Home Seminar on Saturday, August 20 from 10 to 11 am at their Smart Home Innovation Center.

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