Search continues for UH Manoa chancellor as Bley-Vroman wraps interim appointment

UH Manoa Interim Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman

It’s been two years since the University of Hawaii fired Tom Apple as chancellor of its Manoa campus.

As the search for a new leader continues, we’ve learned Robert Bley-Vroman will not continue as interim chancellor.

In a letter, UH president David Lassner says Bley-Vroman will finish his term on Aug. 31 and chose not to be considered for reappointment.

So Lassner is recommending to the UH Board of Regents that he himself temporarily take over those duties with no increase in pay.

“As I consulted around the university over these past weeks, multiple options were considered. A number of regents indicated they expect their President to lead this work at Manoa, which is one of the most important opportunities facing the entire UH System right now. And a number of campus leaders advised that this approach would be the most effective way to make immediate progress on the agenda before Manoa,” he wrote.

Lassner stressed the university is committed to finding a permanent replacement.

He hopes to have a new chancellor in place for the spring 2017 semester.

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