Watch 2016 NFL preseason games on KHON2, Hawaii’s CW

KHON2 and Hawaii’s CW are bringing you the thrill of preseason games with the Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, and Los Angeles Rams.

All games air live with the exception of Oakland Raiders versus Seattle Seahawks on Sept. 1.

Tennessee Titans
All games are live on the CW

  • Saturday, 8/13: 2pm-5pm HST – San Diego vs. Tennessee
  • Saturday, 8/20: 9am-12pm HST – Carolina vs. Tennessee
  • Thursday, 9/01: 1pm-4pm HST – Tennessee at Miami

Oakland Raiders
All games are on the CW (2 live, 1 tape-delayed)

  • Friday, 8/12: 4pm-7pm HST – Oakland at Arizona
  • Thursday, 8/18: 2pm-5pm HST – Oakland at Green Bay
  • Thursday, 9/01: 9pm-12am HST (tape-delayed) – Seattle vs. Oakland

Los Angeles Rams
All games are live on KHON2

  • Saturday, 8/20: 3pm-6pm HST – Kansas City vs. Los Angeles
  • Saturday, 8/27: 3pm-6pm HST – Los Angeles at Denver
  • Thursday, 9/01: 2pm-5pm HST – Los Angeles at Minnesota

Find your channels below:

Oceanic Time Warner Cable
Analog Digital HD QAM
KHON2 2 3 1003 46.3
CW 93 1093 46.4
Hawaiian Telcom
KHON2 3 1003
CW 2 1002
KHON2 2.1
CW 2.2
CW 3 (SD)

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