Ask a Specialist: Overuse Injuries in Children

If you have a child participating in sports, here’s what you need to know about overuse injuries. What can be done to avoid them?  Learn more with Dr. Rachel Coel, medical director and staff physician at The Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine in this segment of Ask a Specialist on Wake Up 2day.

Join Dr. Rachel Coel for The Queen’s Medical Center – West O‘ahu’s free Speaking of Health lecture called “Concussions & Other Common Injuries in Children.”  That’s Thursday, August 18, from 6 – 7 pm at Queen’s – West O‘ahu.  To register, call The Queen’s Referral Line at 691-7117 or click here.


The Queen’s Center for Sports Medicine provides comprehensive care for the treatment and prevention of sports- and exercise-related injuries, and also helps active people of all ages maximize performance and minimize injury.  To learn how they can help you, call 691-4449. Or click here.

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