Security measures in place to monitor suspicious activity during World Conservation Congress

In just over a week, thousands of people from all over the world will be in Hawaii for a major conference. Heightened security measures are already in place.

For anyone walking near the Hawaii Convention Center for the next few weeks, you might notice posters plastered prominently on traffic lights near the Convention Center. The posters warn people that walk by, you could be under surveillance and your movements may be recorded.

From Aug. 30 to Sept. 11, law enforcement will take over traffic cameras and employ the use of newly installed cameras to monitor any suspicious activity for the upcoming World Conservation Congress. Residents like Kori McGill say it’s a necessary precaution. “I think that maybe more necessary just because there are political people here and higher authorities so it might be necessary but every day type situations we know everyone’s all about aloha here.”

Dignitaries and royalty will attend the 10-day event along with members of our local government. Along with the extra video surveillance, HPD will be logging overtime hours for the extent of the congress to keep traffic flowing and protect the multiple high ranking officials. HPD estimates around $455,000 of overtime will be logged during the event.

The city is still working with various departments to put together an overall cost estimate for the event.


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