UPDATE: Shark sighting warning signs taken down in Waikiki

UPDATE: Ocean Safety official says the warning signs were taken down in Waikiki Tuesday morning after an early patrol and no further sighting of the shark since yesterday morning.

Multiple sightings of a shark have prompted ocean safety officials to post warning signs in Waikiki.

Around 10:30 a.m., lifeguards confirmed seeing a shark, estimated 10-12 feet, near the Kapahulu Groin.

Bystanders in the area also witnessed the same shark following a turtle in the roughly the same area, about 20 feet from the Waikiki shoreline before heading back out.

Incredible underwater footage captured by the Ohana Surf Project shows the shark swimming in shallow water.

There were several surf lessons happening at the time of the sighting.

“I’ve been in the water teaching lessons for 16 years, and I’ve seen three sharks at that time,” said Ohana Surf Project co-owner Sean Anderson.

Jimmy Tucker, an instructor for Hans Hedemann Surf School, didn’t tell his surfers the real reason why he cut the lesson short until they were back to shore.

“When we saw the stripes, we were kind of freaked out,” he said. “It was following a huge turtle. I don’t know if it caught it or not, but yeah, it looked like it was on a mission for it… We’re in their territory. Seeing something of that caliber that can take you out at any moment freaks you out.”

Anderson’s board is about 11 feet tall and 26 inches wide. He says that was about the size of the shark he saw in the water.

“It was a lot bigger than what I was expecting, so I was a little shocked by the size of it,” Anderson said.

Further down, near Queens Surf Beach, one beachgoer described seeing the same shark a mere two yards away.

“I was jumping off the wall. I seen a big grey shark, probably like two yards from the wall, and I was like, wow, I never saw a shark come that close!” said Andrew Orji. “A guy said, ‘Get out of the water!’ As soon as I heard that, I got myself out of the water for sure.”

We’re told lifeguards did what they could to herd the shark out of the area, and swimmers were warned to stay out of the water until the coast was clear.

Warning signs were posted and will remain throughout the day.

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