Witness describes chaos that led to fugitive’s capture off H-1 Freeway

A suspect featured on Hawaii’s Most Wanted was caught Tuesday afternoon after causing a chaotic scene on the H-1 Freeway.

Police had been looking for Bryson Bagio after he failed to show up for a court appearance last week.

He was initially arrested after leading police on a chase across Oahu in June, and booked on suspicion of driving a stolen car and accidents involving bodily injury.

Police say Bagio led officers on another wild chase Tuesday, causing havoc on the roads that ended on the H-1 Freeway near the Aiea Heights Road overpass.

Olopana Street
Olopana Street

Witnesses say they heard a crash and went to see what was going on.

“We jump over the wall, look over, we seen one white truck slammed the wall, seen a bunch of cop cars showed up,” said a witness.

The witness said he saw the suspect climb the wall as police surrounded him. He then jumped down on the other side and hurt himself, which allowed police to catch up.

The witness said police came in from all angles on the dead-end street. After a nearly 20-foot drop, Bagio was unable to get up. “He was in pretty bad shape,” the witness said.

Bagio was arrested at 4:20 p.m. for two warrants totaling $200,000 and police say he faces additional motor vehicle collision charges.

On the freeway, several cars took up the shoulder lane and police also blocked the right lane, which created major westbound gridlock for drivers heading home.

The scene was cleared by 6 p.m.

Bryson Bagio
Bryson Bagio

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