What’s Poppin with Primo Popcorn?

Some like it hot! Primo Popcorn’s got your fix. From their mild and oh so popular, Raging Crab to Dah Reaper, they got the hot for you.

Ry’s Furikake Special, unlike last week’s featured Hawaii’s Own Caramel, this one is spicy. Caramel, macadamia nuts, furikake and chili pepper. Sweet ‘n salty with the kick.

Dah Haawaiian, Hawaiian chili pepper and Hawaiian sea salt. With its unique taste, this small pepper and big punch, holds 2 national awards; the Scovie Award and The Fiery Food Challenge Golden Pepper Trophy.

For you extremist, they have a couple of flavors that you may want to check out. Now, you won’t find these flavors anywhere except at their Sand Island store. They won’t let them out. Not even here. What?! Too Hot for You? Which is all kinds of peppers plus the kitchen sink and Dah Reaper made from the Carolina Reaper. The hottest pepper out there now.

So if you seek that heat, go to Primo Popcorn on 120 Sand Island Access Road and make your mouth cry.

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