Madeline, Lester churn in East Pacific, forecast to head toward Hawaii

Two storms are churning east of the islands Friday.

While they’re still thousands of miles away, forecasters say they’re on track to move into the Central Pacific and toward Hawaii.

Madeline strengthened into a tropical storm and is currently 1,235 miles east-southeast of Hilo.

It is expected to travel in a general west-northwestward motion and its forecast track takes it east of Hawaii Island by 2 p.m. Wednesday with winds up to 70 mph.

The track is still uncertain at this point and prone to change, especially within the cone of uncertainty.

Madeline could become a hurricane on Monday, and weaken back down to a tropical storm as it approaches Hawaii.

Meanwhile, Lester developed an eye and strengthened into a hurricane.

It is currently 550 miles from the southern tip of Baja, California, and still far from the Central Pacific.

However it is moving westward and some strengthening is expected. It could move near the islands by next weekend.

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