Umi Street families receive $30,000 in donations for flood relief

It’s been a month since condo units on Umi Street in Kalihi got flooded during Tropical Storm Darby.

While the residents can’t live in their homes yet since they still need to repaired, they did go back Friday evening for a special presentation.

Thanks to many of you, there were a lot of smiles on Umi Street.

The families received a $10,000 donation from Domino’s Pizza, plus $20,000 raised through our Laulima Giving Program.

“I never really thought that people actually do that on TV and stuff, but now that it happened to me, you have the experience and you feel it,” said Umi Street resident Zoe Fukuda-Seki. “You can’t say it with words how you feel right now, because it’s just awesome right now.”

Fukuda-Seki and her family lost pretty much everything when their unit got flooded last month.

They don’t know how long it’ll take to make their place livable again.

“Basically this is the level the water went through the whole house,” Fukuda-Seki’s stepfather, Joseph Aiello, explained.

Though much of the apartment has been cleaned, marks remain on the walls, indicating just how high the water got, and curtains were still mud-ridden.

Resident Aaron Meyer says the process to rebuild has been tough. “We just want the companies, management company, to just come forward and give us updates,” he said. “There’s no communication, very little. If they could help us out more… Just let us know what little updates we can get. That’ll be good enough. To not hear anything is frustrating.”

While the past month has been a trying time for them, they take comfort in knowing that there are people out there who care.

“Everything is just so overwhelming,” said Fukuda-Seki’s mother, Faith Aiello, with tears in her eyes. “The love and support is just unreal. Everybody, friends, family, my family helped out a lot. People at work, strangers, Domino’s Pizza, Laulima, churches.”

“Thank you Channel 2 news for helping us throughout the whole time, so we really appreciate that,” Fukuda-Seki said.

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