Crews on Oahu prepare for Madeline’s arrival

Workers at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) distribution center on Oahu were busy packing up massive generators to send to Hawaii Island.

An Oakland-based FEMA Region IX Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) is getting personnel and equipment to potentially impacted areas in the event Madeline and/or Lester knock out power to the island.

“The generator that we’re taking over there can be used from anything from hospitals, police stations, water treatment facilities and those type of things, critical infrastructure try to get that back online, potentially if the power was to go off over there, there’s a stop-gap measure to go on,” explained Jeremy Swartz with IMAT.

There are about 66 generators ready to be deployed.

FEMA has a warehouse full of emergency supplies, but officials say you should still have your own on hand for yourself and your family.

FEMA distribution center on Oahu
FEMA distribution center on Oahu

With the potential of Madeline to affect Oahu, the state is using sandbags to try and prevent another round of flooding on the H-1 Freeway.

Several cars were stranded last month from Tropical Storm Darby.

The westbound lanes had to be shut down by School Street because the water was almost as high as vehicles. Crews with the state Department of Transportation placed one-ton sandbags along the curb above the freeway and along the embankment Tuesday.

“Hopefully those sandbags will do that and divert the water so it’s not all coming down on one spot and down onto the freeway,” said transportation spokesman Tim Sakahara. “Hopefully we prevent some of that runoff and that silt from going down onto the freeway as well to try to prevent any sort of that flooding.”

The state says emergency equipment will be placed near areas that are prone to flooding so crews can fix the problem as soon as possible.

h-1 and liliha darby flooding (1)
H-1 Freeway flooding during Tropical Storm Darby

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