New York: Boy recovers from 2nd-degree burns after smartphone explodes

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original CNN Wire story incorrectly identified the phone in this case as a Note 7. It was a Galaxy Core and the story has been updated with that information.

(WCBS/CNN) — A 6-year-old boy is recovering from second degree burns after a Samsung Galaxy Core burst into flames. Authorities say the boy was watching videos on his grandmother’s smartphone when it exploded.

The device burst in flames Saturday night as 6-year-old Kadim was watching videos on his grandmother’s smartphone.

Kadim’s grandfather John Lewis describes how terrified his grandson was as the Samsung phone exploded. “He threw it on the ground and ran outside. … The cops came, the fire truck came, because the alarm inside went off.”

Kadim was taken to Downstate Medical Center and treated with second degree burns on his hand.

The accident came just as Samsung announced a global recall of another model of Samsung Galaxy phone. A total of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 phones were recalled just two weeks after the phone was launched in August.

Samsung found that rechargeable lithium batteries manufactured by one of its suppliers were at fault for the 35 confirmed reports of the Note 7 catching fire.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also warned travelers to avoid turning on the phones and charging them while flying. Travelers are also urged not to stow the phones in checked baggage.

Some airlines are even verbally warning passengers on board.

Despite Kadim’s injuries, he went back to school Monday. “He’s doing pretty alright,” Lewis said. “He went to school, but he was kind of timid because he doesn’t want to see no phone.”

Samsung is working with the Lewis family regarding the incident.

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been warned by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission to power down the devices and stop charging or using them.

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