Former Kakaako maintenance shed converted into homeless shelter

The Family Assessment Center in Kakaako has just been completed.

The structure was previously a 5,000-square foot maintenance shed formerly used by the Hawaii Community Development Authority that has been converted into a homeless shelter.

“The whole intent behind this facility is really to utilize public funds in the most cost efficient way,” said Scott Morishige, governor’s coordinator on homelessness. “Rather than building something from scratch, we were able to rehabilitate an existing structure.”

It will temporarily house homeless families while they are being connected to services and long-term housing by Catholic Charities Hawaii’s social service specialists.

The shelter, to be operated by Catholic Charities Hawaii, is a low-barrier facility that will operate 24/7. Guests will not be required to have identification, which is a key obstacle for many people experiencing homelessness.

Families will be quickly transitioned to permanent housing or other appropriate services in 90 days or less.

The facility will open on September 26. Shortly afterwards, Catholic Charities Hawaii will announce when the first families will move into the site.

The shelter is expected to serve a total of 240 individuals over the course of one year. It is scheduled to close after two years.

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