Manoa homes flooded after heavy rains

The break from the rain on Thursday day gave some Manoa residents some time to clean up after a night of heavy rain caused a muddy mess.

Even a hours after the rain had stopped there was still a steady flow of water.

“We had essentially a waterfall coming off the mountain behind our house. And it was a raging river. We have out in irrigation to divert it. We learned based on the experience of a year ago That we had to do it.” said Manoa resident Peter Arnade.

Over on Round Top Drive the Department of Land and Natural Resources came in with a back hoe to remove some sludge, debris and boulders that were blocking a culvert.

The blockage caused water brought on by the heavy rains to overflow and nearly swept away a home.

The homeowners are thankful to the DLNR for helping to clean up, but hope the state can come up with a permanent solution so it doesn’t happen again.


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