Business, community leaders become ‘homeless’ for a night to raise awareness

Some of Hawaii’s top business and community leaders will spend the night at the State Capitol rotunda.

It’s part of the Salvation Army’s CEO Sleepout to raise awareness about homeless issues plaguing the state.

Those participating packed and delivered sandwiches to the homeless in Chinatown. Then they will sleep on cardboard boxes through the night.

Rick Nakashima, co-owner of the Ruby Tuesday restaurants, said “it’s a little embarrassing, but I’ve never missed a meal, I’ve never slept in an uncomfortable situation, and these people and kids are doing it every night. They’re missing meals, are sleeping in cars, they’re sleeping under tarps, and I think it’s good that we experience a little bit of discomfort just to realize what they go through on a daily and nightly basis.”

Saturday morning, the CEOs and community leaders will go over their experience in hopes to spark new ideas to address the homeless issue.

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