Former kickboxer Dennis Alexio guilty of using false financial documents

Dennis Alexio (File photo)

A federal jury on Friday found former kickboxer Dennis Alexio guilty of all 18 counts of an indictment charging him with using false and fictitious financial instruments to obtain property from multiple unsuspecting victims.

Sentencing is scheduled for March 20, 2017.

According to evidence produced during the trial, Alexio obtained $185,000 of silver coins and gold bars by fraud and theft from APMEX, an internet metals company based in Oklahoma City. Information presented in court also included Alexio’s theft of approximately $16,000 in currency from Dartmouth Capital, an internet currency exchange company based in Boston.

Alexio, 57, faces a maximum term of imprisonment of five years for each of the 18 counts. A previous federal jury trial in January 2016 resulted in Alexio’s conviction on all 28 counts of defrauding the Internal Revenue Service of more than $700,000 in illegally obtained tax refunds. He is awaiting sentencing for those charges as well.

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