More opportunities for holiday job seekers as new shops, mall set to open

Holiday hiring has already started in Hawaii despite Christmas being months away, but With more retailers opening and Hawaii’s unemployment rate in July at 3.5%, how easy or difficult will the hiring be?

KHON2 spoke with experts who say with all the new businesses opening up on Oahu, there are plenty of opportunities out there for work, and for retailers the countdown to the Christmas has already started.

“Its never too early, typically we did our buying in January so actually now every day boxes are coming like this filled with Christmas stuff, so in our world Christmas is already here,” said Nalani Holliday, owner of Red Pineapple, a local boutique business at Ward Centre.

And that means opportunities are out there for people looking for work, like Pearl City resident Niani Lee.

“In certain areas whether its clerical or cashier so clerical work has been kind of difficult to find but the retail has been a bit easier, she said.

Although it’s mid-September, some retails are already gearing up for that holiday season, some of the managers at the stores at Pearlridge Center tell me they are looking to hire up to 30 people.

The manager at Town and Country Surf Roseann Vierra-Schoening says she’s hiring people for the stock room, cashiers and management positions.

KHON2 asked her with some of these positions will they be kind of like seasonal hires or are you looking to, if it’s a great candidate, keep them on board for the long term?

She responded, “potentially is very high to stay on as a part-time employee here at Pearlridge T and C.”

Style expert Crystal Pancipanci says new development like the new mall in Kapolei will create more opportunities for people to find work and offer more selections to the consumer.

“Having great opportunities to discover new things at price points that locals can also afford but also in terms of with all the retail opening its offering way more jobs for people so i think there is going to be so much excitement happening in retail,” she said.

At Red Pineapple, the decorations are already out for October, but this December they are expecting to be really busy. They are actually going to be making 8,000 gift baskets so they need to hire people who are really creative who can help put those together.

Holliday says, during the holiday season, “everyday is exciting I tell all my girlfriends to come and visit me at work because I can’t leave.”

There are more stores opening this November 11th in Ward Village, 17 businesses will open at the South Shore Market including Eden in Love and Salvage Public.

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