First-ever Aloha United Way knockerball tournament raises thousands of dollars

It was unique twist in charity fundraising on Sunday at Manoa Valley District Park.

More than 100 young professionals let loose today there for a first-ever charity knockerball tournament to benefit Aloha United Way.

If you haven’t heard of knockerball before, it’s a unique twist on soccer. Players wear a giant plastic ball, and try to score a goal for their team.

The catch? Players can knock each other down, hence its name.

But participants that represented several companies, including The Howard Hughes Corporation, Central Pacific Bank, Nordic PCL, OHA, Halekulani, say it’s harder than it looks.

“I don’t know it’s heavy. Like yeah, 15, 25 pounds, I don’t really know but you’re running around air. And then you get mud on the tops, so you got to smear it off,” explained participant Analisa Cortes, who represents advertising agency MVNP.

A total of $4,000 was raised this year.

Participants say the goal of the event was to continue to support young leader’s initiatives that cultivate lasting community impact.


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