Dogs reported missing from Hawaiian Humane Society found, suspects arrested

Pebbles, left, and Punu (Photos: Hawaiian Humane Society)
Pebbles, left, and Punu (Photos: Hawaiian Humane Society)

The second of two dogs that recently went missing from the Hawaiian Humane Society has been found.

Early Monday morning, police officers arrested a man at McKinley High School who had in his possession the second missing dog, a terrier mix named Pebbles.

The other dog, Punu, a 3-year-old, 60-pound pit bull mix, was found by police Thursday, Sept. 22, as a man was walking Punu and another dog near Royal Elementary School on Queen Emma Street. The man was arrested by police.

“He was actually out walking the two dogs. They were all on leashes. They look healthy, fine. Punu was extremely friendly, his usual,” said Harold Han, HHS field services manager. “It’s a good day. We’re really happy one of the dogs is back, and we look forward to adopting Punu out.”

Pebbles (Photo courtesy Hawaiian Humane Society)
Pebbles (Photo courtesy Hawaiian Humane Society)
Punu returns to the Hawaiian Humane Society

The dogs were discovered missing at around 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20, as staff conducted closing checks. Han previously told KHON2 he believed the animals were taken.

“I think someone saw an opportunity and they took it,” he said. “It’s just like any other, if you were in a retail establishment and someone decided to shoplift or something like that. If the opportunity arises, they’re going to take it.”

The staff believes Pebbles was actually taken through the back gate because that’s when it was last seen.

According to police sources, a man reportedly came to the Hawaiian Humane Society at around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and asked to see 3-year-old Punu. A staff member let the dog out so that person could walk it.

Twenty minutes later, another customer walked in wanting to see the smaller dog, but Pebbles was already on a walk. That’s when the staff member started looking for Punu, but couldn’t locate either of the dogs.

KHON2 asked Han, “Do you guys believe that the same person is responsible for taking both of the dogs?”

“At this point we don’t know, but it’s highly probable,” he replied.

The Hawaiian Humane Society recently expanded to include more animal housing and dog pods. Han said the facility is even more secure than before, but there’s no surveillance video of anyone leaving with the dogs.

The priority, Han said, is “to make sure the dogs are safe. We want to get them returned to us, and get them adopted out in the proper way.”

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