City bill cracking down on road rage deferred

A new bill aimed at cracking down on road rage has been deferred by the City Council.

The bill was introduced earlier this year after police say road rage landed a man behind bars for attempted murder.

It sought to clarify what constitutes road rage and what wouldn’t fall under that category, like positioning or stopping your car to prevent someone else from moving.

“As the bill is written, there are a few problems for the Honolulu Police Department,” said Maj. Kerry Inouye of the traffic division. “For instance, one element talked about intentionally preventing another driver from merging into a lane, and if a police officer were to witness that, he or she would have a hard time showing that the driver did so intentionally.”

Council member Joey Manahan, who introduced the bill, says he hopes that the HPD can make a few recommendations so another bill can be drafted.

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