Waimanalo Beach Park campground to close for renovations

The Waimanalo Beach Park campground will be closed starting Wednesday, Oct. 5, to allow Department of Parks and Recreation crews to improve the campsites.

Camping at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park and Bellows Field Beach Park will remain open during this time.

The improvements at Waimanalo Beach Park include cleaning, landscaping, installing new bench tables and conducting maintenance.

“Right now, the campsites are kind of butted against each other,” said Jeanne Ishikawa, Parks and Recreation Deputy Director. “There are 19 campsites we are going to be spreading out, realigning some of the campsites, so that it will come down to 10 campsites with a nice grassy area around each one, so the camping experience will improve for everyone.”

The campsite is expected to reopen in early 2017.

“We anticipate that there will be a demand, but we also think that the benefits will outweigh that,” said Ishikawa. “The permitting process will remain the same so everyone will still have that same opportunity by getting on the online camping program permitting process.”

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