Rise in property crimes has Hawaii homeowners taking action

The FBI reports that Hawaii saw a rise in aggravated assaults and property crimes, according to crime statistics from 2015.

Compared to 2014, robbery, assault, property crime and theft are up. Aggravated assault went up 31 percent and property crime went up 18 percent.

Burglary, however, went down by 12 percent, and crimes involving murder were down as well. Click here to view the full data (.xlsx).

Aloha Alarm executive director Titus Napoleon said business has gone up 25 percent in the last year. He attributes that to the increase in property crime. People are buying high-priced homes and they are investing more to keep them safe.

We shared these crime statistics with park goers at Ala Moana Beach. “It’s getting bad,” said Maureen Inciong of Wahiawa. “We had a pit bull and got rid of it, but I had to bring it back, because when we got rid of the pit bull, things got stolen from our porch.

“Somebody has got to be home all the time,” she added.

Frida Burleson said, “I have noticed that there are more police officers in this area. I live in Pearl City and fortunately I live near the police station and in a secure building, so I never have any problems.”

Napoleon said 75 percent of the people who contact his business have been victims themselves. “Some people, after a break-in, they want Fort Knox. They want everything covered, every nook and cranny.”

He also said more people are adding high-definition cameras to their home security systems.

But what do you do if you don’t have the money for security purposes and you don’t want to be victimized yourself?

“Just be aware of your surroundings,” Napoleon said. “We try not to only sell our customers an alarm system, but also teach them how to protect themselves, how to make sure their hedges are cut down, and to lock their doors.”

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