Hawaiian Humane Society expands to include cat, dog houses

The Hawaiian Humane Society celebrated the expansion of its campus with a blessing Saturday of the new Admission & Veterinary Center, as well as its new Cat and Dog Houses.

Highlights of the project include increased cat and dog housing capacity, and updated living quarters. Cats now have a second Cat House with three-story lodging and vertical spaces that allows them more options to climb and explore.

The new Dog Houses have an indoor-outdoor design with communal areas for the dogs to socialize, as well as private spaces for rest.

Society president and CEO Pamela Burns said “two dog adoption lanais were opened with the newest design in animal sheltering, because individual areas for dogs for rest, as well as social play areas, are ideal for showing dogs off in their best behavior.

“The other expansions that is very important to us is the new admissions center and veterinary clinic. … Our clinic was built a long time ago and last year, we sterilized around 8,500 animals.”

Burns also said that the Hawaiian Humane Society receives “25,000 animals a year, and with our new admissions center, we’re now able to provide better expanded services to the people and the animals that come through our doors.”

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