Most of Hawaii drought-free, thanks to rain from recent storms

Up until recently, most of Hawaii was under a drought, but the National Weather Service says things have turned around. Most of the state is now drought-free and that’s good news for many.

With two months still left, Hawaii has had some close calls during this hurricane season, but it turns out all of the rain sent our way from systems like Tropical Storm Darby was actually very beneficial. In just three months, the state’s drought conditions have changed significantly.

Meterologist Derek Rowe says “most portions of the state are drought-free. There are some pockets still left over of abnormally dry conditions.”

The storms this season, so far, have “created some abnormally wet conditions, so where we had extremely dry conditions to start the year — some places were receiving less than 10 percent of their normal rainfall — all of a sudden, this been a wet summer.”

This is good news for farmers and ranchers like Randy Cabral on Hawaii Island, who is also the board president of the Hawaii Farm Bureau.

“It’s been a really good year,” he said by phone. “We’ve had plenty of rain out here, grass growth has been good.”

And while it’s been good for many, the relatively short change from dry to wet conditions also caused problems. “That’s not the way you want to do it,” Cabral said. “You don’t want to start out extremely dry and then get a lot of rainfall in a short period of time, because then we’re going to have flash flooding issues.

“Vegetable farmers and growers and people like that, the heavy rains have caused some damage to their crops, and can cause problems if you’re planting,” he said.

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