7-year-old Syrian girl and mother tweet from inside battle-torn Aleppo

Photo courtesy Twitter/CNN

Seven-year-old Bana lives in Aleppo, Syria. She and her mother Fatemeh Al-Abed have become an internet sensation after they set up a Twitter account two weeks ago, tweeting daily about the horrors of their life.

Throughout an internet connection with CNN, blasts could be heard in the background.

“It is horrible night, we always in this situation day and night,” Al-Abed said.

She says her three young children have known nothing but war. The situation in Aleppo — this giant kill box — deteriorated to unprecedented levels after the collaps of the short ceasefire last month. More than a hundred children were killed in just a few days.

And with the siege, Eastern Aleppo is running low on just about everything. “Their bodies weak, because there is no enough food for them,” Al-Abed said. “Here, no vegetables, no fruit, no milk, no eggs, no any meat, chicken. We just eat pasta and rice.”

When asked what is life like for Bana as a child, she said “It is like monster. I don’t go out because there is always bombing.”

Bana spends her days reading, playing with her younger brothers who are five and three, and learning English from her mother who is a teacher.

As bad as things are now, Al-Abed fears the worst is yet to come, with reports regime troops are preparing for a ground offensive into Eastern Aleppo.

“I am afraid that day is coming,” she said, “but I hope it’s not coming because they will kill us all.”

For now, she and her daughter continues to tweet, desperate for the world to see their lives and hear their voices.

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