Beware of imposters; more residents come forward reporting fake officers

Law enforcement officials want to remind everyone: Make sure you know who’s at your door before you invite anyone into your home.

According to Honolulu police, a man claiming he was with the Honolulu Fire Department came to a Kalihi resident’s door and said he was there to inspect the smoke alarms.

HPD says he was unable to provide any identification. The resident called 911, and the stranger took off in a car.

HFD Capt. David Jenkins says there are a few ways you can identify its employees: “First of all, the Honolulu Fire Department, we do not solicit smoke alarms or fire inspections door-to-door for residents, and for the firefighters to go out in public in an official capacity, we will be in uniform and have identification with us.”

Arthur Tolentino has lived in Kalihi for 20 years. He says while he was cooking, two men approached him with badges, asking him about his smoke alarms.

“Somebody came yesterday to sell fire alarms and I told them, I don’t have any more time today,” he told KHON2. “They came back today. I told them to come back tomorrow, and they came back this morning.”

HFD says firefighters will never knock on your door to talk about smoke alarms, and if you’re ever in this situation or feel uncomfortable, call 911.

Maui police are echoing that same message after a resident’s recent run-in with someone posing as an officer.

According to police, a man in an unmarked silver sedan tried to pull over a vehicle being operated by a female in Pukalani. The man had a flashing blue-and-white light on his dashboard.

The female didn’t feel safe and called the police while she kept driving. When the officer arrived, the male took off in his vehicle.

The investigation is ongoing. If this happens to you, police say to drive to a well-lit public area, try to remember any and all details about the car and driver, ask for an official ID, and call 911 if you’re unsure.

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