Nebraska high school football player wakes from coma, lucky to be alive

(KMTV/CNN) — A Omaha, Nebraska high school football player who was in a medically induced coma for six days is now awake, and says he is lucky to be alive.

Brandon Steburg and his family are talking about the outpouring of support they are getting from the community.

“Not knowing was the worst, said father Brandon Steburg Sr. “I just hated not knowing what was going to happen, if he was going to wake up at all, so when he first opened his eyes, it was pretty good.”

“I just didn’t think I was gone that long,” Brandon said. “My parents, scared for six days, and I’m really blessed to be alive.”

He remembered what happened to him on the field. “I was dizzy, disoriented, I didn’t know where I was at, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was scary times. I threw up a lot. It was scary.”

“By the time I got down there, he was already unconscious,” Steberg said. “He just had a grimace on his face and was breathing really heavy and we couldn’t get him to wake up.”

Brandon says doctors had to remove a bone from his head. He has a lot of healing to do, but his family says the overwhelming support from his classmates and community is helping the healing process.

“I wish I could get everyone together and thank them for what they did for us,” Steburg said. “We are just really appreciative and thankful.”

And Brandon says hopefully this isn’t it for him — he has plans to return to football.

“The first couple plays, I am going to be a little skeptical, a little soft because of what happened, but I think if I do get back into it, I will fully get back into it, and I will be back,” he said.

Doctors are expecting Brandon to make a full recovery. He said he has one more surgery to put a bone back into his head, but he’s hoping he’ll be home within the next few days or so.

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