Officer stationed at Waianae Intermediate after threatening clown post

Threats involving clowns have been popping up across the nation.

While they’re considered a hoax, officials say they still have to take it seriously.

So when a message was posted on social media mentioning Waianae Intermediate School, the Department of Education and Honolulu police stepped in.

A letter was sent home to parents Thursday afternoon, and a police officer was on campus just as a precaution.

We saw the message posted to an Instagram account, which has now been deleted. It showed a picture of the school’s campus with the words “two days” and a knife emoji.

Parents and grandparents picking up kids Thursday afternoon were shocked to learn of the post.

“What’s the purpose? What do you get out of it, trying to scare the children especially?” said Winifred Casuga.

In a statement, the DOE said, “Across the country, schools have become a victim of a hoax involving threats made by individuals dressed in clown costumes. While considered a hoax, we take all threats seriously and are working with police.”

Meanwhile, HPD says it’s aware of the post and “as of this time, there have been no reports of threats or suspicious activity locally.”

On Wednesday, we reported that the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii is working to ensure public safety after receiving reports of people dressed as clowns and making threats.

If you do see any threats or incidents, you’re asked to call 911.

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