LiveFit: How to meal prep in 6 easy steps

One of the most important keys to health is meal planning. In today’s LiveFit segment, Geri Berger, fitness director at Island Club and Spa, shows us how easy it can be to prep our meals.

“If we don’t have our food ready, it’s so easy to make the wrong decisions, because we’re hungry, we’re starving, right, so we end up going to McDonald’s, going to fast food, because it’s fast,” she said, “when just a little bit of preparation in the beginning goes a long way.”

Pick your protein. Geri and Trini are working with chicken today, but you could also make fish, beef, lamb, pork, etc.

Season liberally. If you’re watching your salt intake, you can use alternatives like Mrs. Dash and Weber salt-free seasonings.

Don’t overcook. Bake at 450 or 475 for about 10 minutes, then turn your protein over, season the other side, and cook for another 10 minutes to prevent dry, rubbery food.

Watch your portions. Generally speaking, 4-6 ounces is enough protein per serving.

Choose carbs that are low on the glycemic index (think brown rice, sweet potatoes) and don’t scoop too much — a third of a cup is plenty.

Add your greens: asparagus, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.

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