Fisherman captures orca whales on video

A local fisherman has quite a story to tell, and the video to prove it.

There was a rare encounter with orca whales in the waters south of Molokai yesterday.

Clay Ching was fishing with his two daughters and about 13 miles off Kaunakakai when they spotted the pod of orcas.

It all started when Ching spotted a spout coming up from the water.

“So I said, ‘Hey you guys, try watch in front. Oh there it is! There’s two spouts!’

They actually came to the boat like as you see in the underwater stuff. They were directly underneath us for a while then they came up again. When they came up again maybe they were 10-15 ft from the boat,” said Ching.

Ching says he’s been fishing over 50 years and has never seen a live orca in Hawaiian waters – let alone two of them.

On top of that incredible experience was the fact one of his daughters told him she had actually dreamed of orcas the night before.

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