Fur-Angel Foundation offers education program for preschool and elementary schools

Fur-Angel Foundation educates the youth about responsible pet ownership to prevent future cases of abuse and neglect. The goal is to be a highly sought after supplemental curriculum in preschool and elementary schools across the state. The foundation’s effort is to educate children and create and foundation for them to be pet guardians when the grow up. The brainchild behind the foundation is 6-year-old Kaitlyn Miyashiro. When Kaitlyn was younger her family bought a puppy from a store, only to find out it had been bred at that puppy farm uncovered in Waimanalo. The puppy ended up getting sick and died just a few days after the family had bought the dog. Kaitlyn vowed to be a veterinarian so she could help save lives. The family then got into rescue and learned to adopt, not shop.

The program aims to go into schools and teach kids how to approach animals. How to feed them. Cleaning up animal waste, disciplining animals, and the importance of spaying a neutering. And also the importance of microchipping your pet. There  is an upcoming gala that people can attend, and money raised in the event goes toward the foundation. It will be held at Medici’s in Manoa Marketplace this Saturday from 6-9pm. And other help ways to help are fostering opportunities, and of course donations are always welcome.

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