Hokulea leaves New York after brief delay due to Hurricane Matthew

Photo: Polynesian Voyaging Society/Oiwi TV

After severe weather delays due to Hurricane Matthew, Hokulea departed Haverstraw, New York, late Monday night bound for Chesapeake Bay.

The decision to delay the departure was made out of an abundance of precaution and concern for the crew and the iconic sailing vessel. The crew and canoe remain safe and undamaged after the storm conditions.

“The Worldwide Voyage is a dangerous thing to do,” said Nainoa Thompson, pwo navigator and president of the Polynesian Voyaging Society. “There’s a lot of risk, and at the top of the list are hurricanes. You just don’t go in them. Now that the hurricane risk is out of the way, we’re going to head south slowly and wait for the wind to drop.”

Hokulea is expected to arrive for dry dock in Virginia on Oct. 15, and she will remain there until early November.

Hokulea’s last dry dock was in Cape Town, South Africa and this next dry dock will be the last major one for the voyage.

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