Video shows smoking Galaxy Note 7 phone; Samsung skips meeting with family

A Kalihi family is still waiting for answers after they say a smartphone exploded over the weekend.

The incident was recorded on their home surveillance.

Mel and Dee DeCasa tell us the smoking phone was a Galaxy Note 7 and a replacement was sent after a recall for fire hazards.

Samsung stopped selling the phone Monday, and on Tuesday said it won’t even make it anymore.

A Samsung representative called the DeCasas on Sunday and told them he was flying out of Texas to meet with them on Tuesday.

KHON2 waited with the DeCasas for more than three hours. The representative never showed up.

As we waited, the DeCasas showed us surveillance video of the device exploding in Dee DeCasa’s hands. You can see her walking into the living room with a device spewing smoke.

“The fact that she was holding something that was burning in her hands, she was in shock,” said Mel DeCasa. “I just got up. I was half asleep.”

The DeCasas say the smoke was green and had a foul odor. They found a pan to put it in and left it outside.

“Unfortunately after that, I don’t know if it was the smoke that caused it. You can see the smoke in the video, she collapses. I was concerned,” Mel DeCasa said.

The DeCasas say they didn’t realize the incident was being recorded by surveillance cameras, because they were still in shock.

“Last night, I was thinking about it, ‘Wait a minute, those cameras have been rolling,'” Mel DeCasa said.


As for the supposed meeting, the DeCasas recounted what the representative told them.

“His words were, ‘We want to address the issue. We think it’s very important and we want to look at specifically what is the cause of the problem,'” Mel DeCasa said. “So my reaction internally was, ‘Oh great, this guy is actually attacking the issue.'”

But after waiting for hours, no one came.

“We wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt,” Mel DeCasa said. “I tried calling him. I tried texting him and it’s just unprofessional.”

A text conversation between the two parties showed that the representative was willing to meet at 11:15 a.m. But about 45 minutes later, he says he’s in a meeting.

“I’ve been more than fair,” said Dee DeCasa. “I’ve been more than patient, but testing my patience is not going to do it.”

We also tried reaching out to the representative, but the call went to voicemail.

“We thought it was going to be accomplished within the last hour or so, but it just added more fuel to the fire,” said Dee DeCasa.

We tried emailing other Samsung contacts as well, but haven’t heard back.

At this point, Samsung is asking Galaxy Note 7 users not to turn on the phone, and to return it to their carrier to get a different smartphone model.

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