Mixed Plate preview: Illusion artist Dain Yoon

The tremendous popularity of Korean television dramas and music has put the spotlight on a new culture emerging from the capital city of Seoul.

Her work doesn’t hang in any gallery, and yet Dain Yoon is recognized as Korea’s premier nouveau artist.

Her medium is, well, herself. There’s no smoke, no mirrors, no computer-generated effects.

“I call my art illusion art,” she said.

Yoon has also redefined the selfie. She lights, composes, and photographs the finished products herself.

“I’ve always enjoyed painting since I was young, so I attended art middle school and art high school in Korea,” she said.

Yoon majored in stage design, which led to work building production sets and doing makeup for actors.

The versatility of body paint led her to take makeup one step further, sometimes spending 10 hours experimenting in front of a mirror.

“I would like to exhibit in a gallery and collaborate with a fashion brand or singer or other artist,” Yoon said.

Mixed Plate: K-Mania, Heart and Seoul premieres Tuesday, Oct. 18, at 9:30 p.m. on KHON2.

View the full schedule and get more information here.



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