Mixed Plate preview: Historical K-dramas

Any K-drama fan knows the television grid by heart — a little K-cop, K-med, and K-comedy.

But a true fan also DVRs the historical dramas.

Historical dramas make up about 27 percent of Korean programming, but they tend to run longer with more episodes. The subject matter is often an actual event in Korean history, but sometimes it’s just fairy tale and fantasy.

Actor Rhee Kwang Shin dresses up for his next historical in which he plays a court scribe. Here, at the Dramia Studio of Mun Wah Broadcasting, costumes of every era
are meticulously duplicated.

So are the location sets. The studio lot includes an entire village, including peasant homes, a jail, a military barracks and, of course, a grand palace. When not in production, the lot opens to the public for sightseeing.

The historicals may be fewer in number, but fans say the programs pack just as much emotional punch as contemporary shows.

Mixed Plate: K-Mania, Heart and Seoul premieres Tuesday, Oct. 18, at 9:30 p.m. on KHON2.

View the full schedule and get more information here.

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