Police commission looks into officers’ response during Village Park shooting

Scott Vidinha

The Kunia man accused of opening fire on his neighbor’s home told police he shot the gun.

That’s according to court records released Tuesday.

Those documents also included the victims’ statements to police regarding several run-ins with the suspect earlier that day, including one where the victims told police he showed up outside their apartment naked.

Police also spoke with witnesses who told authorities they saw him firing the gun.

Scott Vidinha, 52, appeared in court Tuesday morning, charged with attempted murder, reckless endangering, and multiple firearms offenses.

When we spoke with the Aglipay family this weekend, they questioned why police didn’t do more to protect them when they called 911 four times before the shooting.

The Honolulu Police Department said its officers did everything they could within the law.

On Tuesday, Honolulu Police Commission chairman Ron Taketa told KHON2 the commissioners are asking for a full report and will be meeting with HPD on Wednesday.

“We want to find out if proper police procedures were followed and if there were anything that could be done in order to improve on that,” he said.

Taketa says he was very concerned about the shooting. “It was a horrific event. I can’t remember anything that scary ever happening here,” he said.

According to court records, Vidinha threatened to shoot the family through the wall.

Police were called, but before officers arrived, the Aglipays heard gunshots coming into their apartment. Dawn Aglipay said while she pushed her kids into the bathroom, a bullet grazed her left arm.

In the document, neighbors told investigators they saw Vidinha shooting at the Aglipay’s apartment. They say he loaded another magazine into the rifle, walked halfway up the stairs, and started shooting from there.

Witnesses say Vidinha reloaded again, went to the top of the stairwell, and started shooting directly in front of the Aglipay’s home. They say he unloaded and reloaded three times.

When officers arrived, they found Vidinha in his apartment. He allegedly told an officer, “I shot the gun.”

Court documents do not reveal where Vidinha got the rifle, or who the rifle was registered to.

“We definitely want a full report as to what the police did and if they could have done anything different,” Taketa said. “We just want to make sure that the victims were protected and that public safety is maintained.”

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