Keiki Corner: Halloween Treats for the Classroom

Halloween is just around the corner.  If you’re planning to take Halloween treats to your child’s classroom party at school, Kama’aina Kids has you covered. In today’s Keiki Corner, Jolena Tanuvasa shows us how to make an easy, creative and delicious treat your child can share with their classmates.


Things you will need:

Pre-made rice krispie sheets

Variety or colored frosting

Lollipop sticks


Halloween shaped cookie cutters

A great imagination



  1. Use the cookie cutter to make shapes in the rice krispie sheet
  2. Place some icing on the tip of a lollipop stick
  3. Place the stick in the rice krispie cut out
  4. Use the colored icing/sprinkles to decorate the rice krispie cut out
  5. Allow to dry for about an hour and then wrap it up to give to friends and classmates



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